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Pasithea Therapeutics Corp is a biotech company at the forefront of research into solving one of the world’s biggest clinical problems: mental health.

Ketamine infusion used (off label) for:
Provide your patients with access to Ketamine infusion specialists all while maintaining the care of your patient.
Treatments provided under the care and safety of board certified Physicians, Anaesthesiologists and CRNAs, in the comfort and safety of your patient’s home.

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Following safety standards of accredited surgery centers; board certified physicians and infusions specialists take safety seriously.

Platform allows you to connect your patients to a ketamine infusion specialists, like an anaesthesiologist

You continue to treat, monitor and or support your patient throughout the ketamine infusion service.

Remove the risk of the infusion from your practice

Chart your patient’s progress through our custom EMR

Bill for your services through our EMR

Allow Pasithea to introduce you to new patients searching for support through their Ketamine infusions; growing your patient network and helping clients through Telehealth