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At-Home IV Ketamine Treatment

At Pasithea, we strive to leverage new approaches and treatments, that are backed by research and science. We use the highest standard of care to provide innovative & effective treatments to help our patients heal from their psychiatric condition. Our goal is to help our patients enjoy their lives to their fullest!

Why this

With high levels of efficacy, and many advantages to conventional treatments currently available, we chose IV Ketamine infusions as our first at-home treatment to provide to our patients in the comfort of their homes, and around their schedule.

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Who Is Our Treatment For

How our At-home Treatment works

Schedule your free assessment with one of our patient enrollment experts, they will answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as gather some preliminary information to assess whether IV Ketamine is an adequate solution for you. 

Our team will then provide you with a link to schedule a telehealth consultation with one of our board-certified psychiatrists. They will go over you psychiatric and medication history in order to approve you for IV Ketamine treatment and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Once approved by a psychiatrist our team will reach out to schedule your treatment times around your schedule and pair you with a team of our highly qualified doctors and nurses that will administer and monitor you during your infusion in the comfort of your home. 

Our team will then Prior to your in-home infusions a telehealth consultation will be set up with the doctor you have been assigned in order for a physical health assessment to be done. It will also give you an opportunity to get acquainted with your care team prior to them coming to your home.

Download our Application and create an account, it will serve as a direct line of communication with your care team, allow our team to check in regularly and send questionnaires to monitor your symptoms and as a source of information on the treatment.

Our team comprised of a doctor and a nurse will arrive at your home at the scheduled time. They will walk you through the process of the treatment and the consent form, get you set up in a comfortable and relaxing spot in your home and administer the IV. Once the infusion is finished and the effects of the medication has subsided the care team will discharge you to the care of a loved one.

After your infusions are completed our psychiatrist will reach out to go over how the treatment went and will put together a continued care plan to ensure you maintain the positive results of your treatment. 

How are we different from other At-home Ketamine treatments?

Pasithea IV Ketamine treatment vs Oral Ketamine providers

Pasithea Oral Ketamine Treatments
Anesthesiologist +
registered nurse
Patient self treatment
Continuous EKG and vitals
monitor used
Rescue medication, and 2 fully
equipped medical professional
on hand. Infusion can be stopped
at anytime if side effects occur.
None. Once ingested there are no
ways to manage potential side
effects or stop treatment

Insurance & Pricing

IV ketamine treatments are not covered by most federal and private insurance carriers; Pasithea will provide its patient with a super-bill so they can find out if certain parts of the treatment their benefit plan covers. 

Whether you’re a serviceman or woman, we want to help make sure that your medical needs are met. In appreciation for all of the hard work done by this country’s heroes in uniform (and non-military), Pasithea is providing special financing plans and discounts on our treatment!