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What to consider and know about mobile IV therapy?

When looking at mobile IV therapy, there are several factors to consider: Is it safe? Is it effective? Can the IV treatment be done at home?

If the idea of mobile IV therapy is a new concept to you, these questions might make you delay trying this effective and convenient treatment.

Luckily, this article will guide you in what to consider and know about mobile IV therapy, and it will help you make an informed decision.


What Is Infusion Therapy and Mobile IV Therapy?


First, let’s begin by discussing the use of an IV. An IV is a small flexible tube that is put into your vein. It’s used when fluids or medications need to enter an individual’s bloodstream quickly.

Infusion therapy is the system that provides these fluids and medications. This treatment is useful for people with continual medication needs, like patients undergoing chemotherapy, rehydrating with saline, receiving pain medications after surgery, or undergoing anesthesia.

Mobile IV therapy is an IV system that can be administered outside of a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital, depending upon the needs of the individual. You can receive mobile IV therapy in a mobile bus, office, or home, for example.


When Is Mobile IV Therapy Helpful?


Mobile IV therapy rehydrates people with hangovers or food poisoning, or can provide a boost of vitamins meant to support skin or even cognitive performance. Whether IV fluids are necessary for all of these circumstances is debatable, but it does absolutely have its place.

For example, if someone is dehydrated to the point of needing IV fluids, they need to go to the hospital for additional treatment versus going to a mobile drip bar. If the dehydration isn’t as severe, proper oral fluid intake is usually sufficient. Still, IV fluids for rehydration are becoming more popular, especially in the world of celebrities, athletes, and everyday people looking to soothe hangover dehydration.

Another use for mobile IV therapy is what we do here at Pasithea Therapeutics — administering ketamine for treatment-resistant depression. Our version of mobile IV services for mental health disorders brings a CRNA or licensed anesthesiologist directly to your home or even your office to provide treatment in a safe and comfortable situation; it can especially be a game-changer for people who can’t leave their homes because of their symptoms.

Where mobile IV therapy is taken less seriously is in IV drip bars, where IV “treatment” is a blend of vitamins and minerals meant to help support focus, skin health, immune function, and more, essentially serving as a form of supplement.


Will I Have To Infuse My Own IV Therapy?


When you consider mobile IV therapy, don’t assume you have to administer the treatments yourself — while it’s common for injections to be done by the patient (i.e. diabetics that inject themselves with insulin), IV therapy is different and IV treatment is always administered by a professional healthcare provider.

With Pasithea, a CRNA or anesthesiologist brings the IV supplies and provides you with the therapy you need. They will also monitor the IV and your vitals to ensure that the treatment is working properly.


Everything You Need To Know About Pasithea Therapeutics Mobile IV Therapy


Pasithea Therapeutics is a biotech company that offers mobile IV therapy. We specialize in mental health and brain disorder research, specifically in the use of ketamine for treatment-resistant depression.

An anesthesiologist or CRNA-administered IV can deliver ketamine in a controlled setting like your home or office. If you have PTSD, anxiety, or depression, you might have difficulty leaving your comfort zone and going to a hospital or other clinical facility for treatment.

Having ketamine medication given in the comfort of your home can help increase treatment adherence and positive outcomes. At-home administration can also help you to feel safer and more comfortable during the treatments.


Main Takeaways


There are many reasons to use mobile IV therapy, including rehydration and prescription drug administration. Mobile IV therapy might be helpful if you want to receive treatment at home or cannot make it to the hospital.

Ketamine is one example of a prescription medication that can be delivered by IV in your home or office.

When researching treatment options, consider mobile IV therapy. You might find that mobile IV therapy makes it easier to follow your treatment plan, leading to a healthier and happier you!



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