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How Infusion Therapy Works

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How Infusion Therapy Works

Conventional antidepressants can take weeks to months to become effective. Ketamine’s benefits often begin to appear within hours, and clinical trials with ketamine have shown peak mood elevation about 24-36 hours after treatment, continuing to have a lasting effect throughout the week.

Unlike other psychiatric medications that are typically taken daily, infusion treatments are far less frequent, which results in far fewer side effects.

One of the many benefits of the guided Infusion Therapy experience is to create a psychedelic, or “mind-revealing,” state of consciousness in order to facilitate lasting, meaningful personal growth and transformation. 

The biological and neurochemical basis of Infusion Therapy creates an ideal state for making powerful, positive changes in your life. The actions and behaviors you take can be received more fully, and settle in more naturally, through the neuroplastic state Infusion Therapy induces

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Safe & FDA Cleared

Infusion Therapy is FDA approved and highly effective in treating depression.

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Avoid side effects from typical anti-depressants.

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Cost effective treatment

Low cost solution compared to other treatments

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Feel Better Fast

Infusion Therapy allows you to return to normal activities right away.

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